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The Best of Siena is Pretto: Food for a Better World

Inside Pretto, pages of poetic discourse warm the atmosphere of this very unlikely positioned refuge of hospitality. But the power of this ethical and mouthwatering eatery is greater than how well it stands out against its harsh backdrop. Pretto is, in itself, a hub of wellbeing. It was born of a desire to sustain the pure and honest work of local farmers and artisans who, in turn, sustain the integrity of the land out of gratitude for what the land gives. 

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Traveling Native Italy in 2015

As I introduce six special events, I honor the friendships and experiences that allow me and inspire me to share the Italy I adore with you. These adventures on the horizon are truly a tribute to the unique, talented, and passionate individuals that have welcomed me into their lives, kitchens, and hearts over the years... I invite you to join us in celebrating what I understand to be The Italian Art of Enjoyment.

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