Lucca's Traveling Cucina

Sesto is a traveling kitchen originating in Lucca, Italy and operated by Chef Aurelio Barattini and Andee Sorenson.


Sesto connects you with the culinary traditions of Lucca territory and the Italian art of enjoyment that is the heart of Tuscan living.


Aurelio, a homegrown chef and winemaker, comes from the historic trattoria in Lucca, L’Antica Locanda di Sesto, dating back to 1368 and in his family for a century. Andee, a native of California with a background in travel, education, and food culture, is the founder of Traveling Native, a travel company specializing in culinary experiences in Italy and the U.S. Aurelio and Andee have been connecting North Americans to Lucca’s food culture since 2009.


Sesto, meaning “sixth”, is borrowed from Sesto di Moriano, the hometown of Aurelio’s Antica Locanda (di Sesto). The word sesto” describes the distance of 6 Roman miles from the Sesto di Moriano to the northeastern-most medieval gate of Lucca proper. Sesto is also reminiscent of a sixth sense for enjoyment which is the secret to Italian living and the core of the Traveling Native vision.


  • Pop up restaurant experiences

  • Dining events for private parties

  • Guest chef engagements

  • Cooking classes

  • Restaurant consulting


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