Traveling Native

sustaining the art of italian enjoyment

by connecting you to it


Our Purpose

Traveling Native is devoted to cultivating travel and food experiences with love. We understand travel to be an exchange of human, cultural, and culinary wealth and believe that by practicing the Italian Art of Enjoyment with you, we will help sustain what is most endearing and delicious about Italy. 

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Traveling Native offers organized tour packages in Puglia, Tuscany, and California.

Custom trips

Traveling Native provides inquisitive, enjoyment-seeking travelers with the plans and tools to experience Italy deeply and independently.

dining & cooking events

Learn about our traveling kitchen offering private dining events and cooking classes in the U.S.

Language Lessons

Brush up on your conversation skills or build a base of useful phrases for your upcoming trip.

I’m so happy for you and your traveling business!!! I’m heading back to Italy this month and I know it won’t be the same without your expert guidance and love of Italy!! Next time I will definitely go with Traveling Native. You are amazing and I would love a food tour wherever you go!!!

Congrats with love,
— Chris Piazza Reim, Traveling Native Alumni