Antica Cucina Cooking Tour, 2018

So, you love cooking. You work your passion in your home kitchen or in a restaurant, daily. One thing you know is that you love to feed your enthusiasm for food. You definitely care about ingredients and think about the stories they carry with them.

You are a traveler of the road or of the imagination. If you cook and explore food culture, one of two explains You. The idea that a recipe can open up generations of memory and knowledge excites you - and makes you a good listener. It also makes you a traveler.

So the question is: Do you want to spend a week immersing yourself in one of Tuscany's most beautiful foodscapes? Do you want to see it all through the eyes of a homegrown chef who orchestrates one of Italy's most historic restaurants? Do you want to learn alongside someone who was born breathing the aromatic stories of his culinary ancestry; his grandmother's recipes, already handed down generations; recipes that have always been the base of his kitchen at the Antica Locanda di Sesto and now, of our cooking tour in Lucca.

See yourself on the road with us a few months from now or a year from now... We'll be in the company of other food lovers, home chefs and cooks from different backgrounds.

All of us will share the common appetite for

marveling at a finished plate, its unique and miraculous offering

dissecting the flavors and textures as they touch the palate, each one

individualizing ingredients and contemplating their path to the plate:

from earth to hands, through the heart, to You

Each of us will share the craving for

Getting our hands dirty in the kitchen with familiar yet somehow new elements, colors, textures

Then, extracting what we know and love about food and cooking, an ingredient in itself which we’ll incorporate into the fresh air of ancient kitchens, groves, workshops, vineyards, tradition.

Feel your feet crunching the Tuscan earth already as you walk through olive groves to visit the the winery where we’ll learn about the biodynamic farming movement that is taking Lucca’s food and wine production into innovative new territory.

Taste it now: the wakefulness of experimenting in the kitchen with Aurelio and the curiosity of wandering the open-air markets, the butcher shops, the enotecas, and the bakeries, and the cobblestoned village roads with me. We’ll get to know cheesemakers, winemakers, butchers, bread bakers and pastry chefs.

If you’re tasting it already, drop me a line and we'll talk more about it. Thanks for listening, Andee

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Tour Description and Details (PDF) *Details are subject to change. Please check the webpage for the most current information including pricing, dates, and description.