connecting with The Art of Italian Enjoyment

Andee founded Traveling Native in 2009 upon more than a decade of growing an intimate base of friends and collaborators in the Tuscan provinces of Siena, Florence, and Lucca. Over the last decade her unique network and expertise in Italian Culinary Travel has now expanded into the region of Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot. In both regions of Italy we offer tasting and cooking tours that are inclusive of almost all expenses except for airfare. We also provide custom trip design and travel planning to private groups and families. Depending on the needs of the group, Andee can also be available to accompany travelers as their personal in-country guide.

Each Traveling Native experience is designed to span cultural divides that might otherwise take years to work across. In essence, Andee exploits the 22 years of her own trials and victories of blending in with Italy’s sweet pace and alluring sense of taste. Her vision is of Traveling Native is to provide the bridge for travelers who want to enter that feeling of belonging in the romance of Italy in a condensed format of a 10-day immersion. The arrangement of Andee’s personal connections and the depth of cultural knowledge that comes from living and working in Italy for many years allows her to facilitate engaging experiences that spontaneously and swiftly access the affinity of truly being part of the scenery in Italy.