Two Hips and A Doorframe


Don’t consider

where the road leads


Just. Let’s. Walk. Together.


Both in and out of time

Your hip is on mine


Consider the one hundred years between this dimly lit sidewalk

And the playful interceptions now cemented in time


If there is light on the path,

Let our footsteps decide


To the questioning darkness ahead -

Let the answer be our wandering.


Please, don't quench the diversion of our departures

By calculating their arrivals


With your hip on mine

I will brave another open door,


Let the wind spill through and greet me

Until that portrait of the beyond shows up to meet me.


Though the limited view may be my exit

And the same obscure outline, your entry


We must roam knowing that from this side to the other

Nothing is ever promised


Except for the view! This lone moment:

the threshold between forever gone and never before


Put your hip on mine

And walk with me


Let. That. Be. Enough.