Bound for Corrosion

Miles of walking with this string around my finger

dug purple trenches in places that intended to swell for you


Gravity versus levity decided

So I released you to drifting


Balloon shrieks deflated the air-

sky held her breath


But those bloodless air carcasses!

They took everything that was or could have been


Those floating heartbeats! Tied to nowhere,

They took what I had hoped for and used it


to sanitize the horizon

to hush my flow of inner crimson warming


So this current sky - free of color is my own undoing

no streaks no shadows no return


I asked for what would come of wanting

I merged with the precipice, for this:


Fuse me, the magma in my heart,

To the fire core that birthed this rock


Where once upon a time

Lava loved forth like a fluid firework


Like an unreasonable river

Only to eventually cool solid.


Early on, and up from the core

We are bound for corrosion

IMG_6755 dead man.jpg

Le Alpi Apuane in Garfagnana