Let Your Love Curve

Where the night curves in stillness,

The body is on night watch

Aroused by all the knocking

Its inner pandemonium.

Is the heart rigged for such acceleration?

And the purpose of sealing its carriage?

To restrain what is otherwise fit for flight

To a torso taut and tired

of housing so much thrust?

Let momentum loosen her then!

Out from tight tissue and protective barracks

Give her the windstorm!

And the open acreage of sky

Abandon the husk! Empty the house.

So the vital organ forgoes friction for freedom

A new arrangement attunes-

It plays and soars abroad

On the still curve of the night

A muscle at large is meter chasing rhyme

No rest and no contraction

Just pure expansion for keeping tempo

with a fugitive song bound to peak and fade

Out here however, along the chords that curve toward morning,

The whining wheels of longing are hushed, whether home or away

Mere composition will let her down again

Dried from unmatched heat and opposing winds.

Freshly distended skin, deflated, will dampen,

Will stir and strengthen - the wet fact of desire

What sort of morning misses devotion?

The miraculous rising from the curve of nighttime,

Where hearts restarted, spiraled up and outward

Once, unaware of the opposing wind

Forget about friction. Let your love curve

Artwork by Giorgia Madiai Fuchs

Giorgia Madiai Fuchs

Giorgia is a painter from Livorno, Italy. Giorgia's paintings can be experienced virtually on InstagramFacebook, and Tumblr. Her studios are in Barga, Italy and wherever she sets the stage with her canvas and color. For more information about Giorgia's work and live painting exhibits, email me directly at andee@travelingnative.com