Say you to me


A peerless poesy

So unfamiliar in its delicacy.

Sweet nectar nests on unseen ships

Your lips release their anchor

Casting timeless fleets, affected to unmoor,

Off the soft shores of euphoria.

Perfectly freighted vessels readily aimed

Your cargo crosses sultry spaces

Making love with every mile to guard

The untamed tides between us.

Amazed the waves that wish you by

Upon an airborne stream so sterling,

Spun, it seems, specifically

for treasured transfers such as these.

Unexpected scarlet blooms

The vivid weather seems to hear

Holy heart shutters shifting horizontal

To let your shipment in.

Rapture received, no route remains

That fever landed - an anarchical swell

Flooding highways, flushing byways

Every prior plan wiped clean

Look out upon the skyline now

The domain from you to me

After riding that horizon

Isn’t that where you want to be?

Not stationed at my gates

But ebbing to and fro

The wharfs of warmth and tenderness

And do you see what I know?

The work, the love, the origin

Perpetual return to absolutes

That dare expand the destination

Of a place called home.

Paintings by Giorgia Madiai Fuchs

Giorgia Madiai Fuchs

Giorgia is a painter from Livorno, Italy... This says nothing of her depth. She is the daughter of a painter... This evokes storytelling I am not prepared for (yet). I could speak of Giorgia's heart work and its impact on my work and my heart... I hope there will be time and space to say such things and it is surely my ambition. I will only say now that her hearts have inescapable truths to tell. Turn each one over, many times. Listen. The messages there are for you. 

Giorgia's paintings can be experienced virtually on InstagramFacebook, and Tumblr. Her studios are in Barga, Italy and wherever she sets the stage with her canvas and color. For more information about Giorgia's work and live painting exhibits, email me directly at andee@travelingnative.com