The Weight of Flight

What is the work of inhabiting flight?

The question begs in the mechanics that make it so


In the Lift, the drag… and thrust

We dip, we land, and relaunch


The work is only one part about soaring

and would be nothing without weight


When there is scanning terra firma

for posture, for food


When there is nostalgia for touching

anything at all


There is coming down for prayer

and wishing you were here


To kneel before this

The one question, the next verse


How do we break for adoration

amid prayer - the flash of flight


Before the involuntary momentum

That lifted us in origin


That recharges organically

Is in the sensation of taking off?

Images of the Hirundus Rustica are Keane’s work @barganews

The Hirundus Rustica, La Rondine, The Barn Swallow, is the chosen symbol of Traveling Native because of its elegant flight patterns and its graceful arrival, departure, and return to a place called home.

The Barn Swallow is native in all biogeographic regions except for Australia and Antartica. It is the sign of spring in Italy as the swallows migrate north from Africa in return to their nests built in former warm seasons. The Traveling Native becomes part of the scenery wherever it goes.