20 November 2014

My dear Isabella,

Today marks 9 years of You in the world. But hasn’t it been longer? Haven’t we always been together? There is something so familiar about our togetherness, like it has always been a part of me, like I have always known you.

Your depths have flourished before me from day one but Now! Now, you are becoming more and more of you. At 9-years-old you are loving yet fierce. You are fun and wild! Your thoughts are deep and complex. You imagine without borders, speak courageously, and ask questions that challenge everyone around you. You are demanding yet accepting of others and of life. Your are the essence of a traveling native because you are at home wherever you go, engaging with people and your surroundings with genuine curiosity. Is this possible at nine? Yes, you are amazing. I am so grateful that you came to be with us and make us a family. 

Our bond is balancing now... because you need me a little less in some ways... and I need you more in ways that continue to make me more of the person I want to be.

You have been my greatest teacher of love unconditional. Being your mother has allowed me to learn that I can and must live a life of passion - do the stuff we dream of as we dream it. 

Today is a beautiful day. I treasure you and bubble over to think of all that is amazing in you. 

Happy birthday my girl! Auguri!