Speaks Your Name

I could send you the songs made in me by you

Or, I could send you

all of the ones already perfectly sung: 


 About longing for subtleties

(Because every sip of you stirs deep)


 About experiencing dawn in slow motion

(Because knowing you reminds me to note every shift in color and light)


About yielding to the sweetness of beginning

(Because every song now speaks your name)

Painting by Giorgia Madiai Fuchs

Painting by Giorgia Madiai Fuchs

"Speaks Your Name" Painting by Giorgia Madiai Fuchs

Giorgia is a painter from Livorno, Italy... This says nothing of her depth. She is the daughter of a painter... This evokes storytelling I am not prepared for (yet). I could speak of Giorgia's heart work and its impact on my work and my heart... I hope there will be time and space to say such things and it is surely my ambition. I will only say now that her hearts have inescapable truths to tell. Turn each one over, many times. Listen. The messages there are for you. 
Giorgia's paintings can be experienced virtually on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. Her studios are in Barga, Italy and wherever she sets the stage with her canvas and color. For more information about Giorgia's work and live painting exhibits, email me directly at andee@travelingnative.com