Heart Boxes Sketch by Giorgia Madiai Fuchs

Heart Boxes Sketch by Giorgia Madiai Fuchs

Envelope: a dream about dropping, turning, and waking in the light

(Barga, March 29 2018)

Part 1:

A studded night sky drops me into a cold corridor lined with doors to rooms that are closed off to me. Behind the them humming, laughter, warm.

I’m sleepy. I float through dimly lit hallways - feet don’t touch the ground - but my waking legs ache and I know I have been walking for awhile.

I have never been here before. The visuals are unrecognizable. Each one hollows me out.

A choral of chanting, coming from the inaccessible warmth behind the doors, urges me through this hallway that mimics the vacancy I carry.

The dream is ending and I am waking. I sense something big beginning in a balanced embrace of turning. I hear myself say, I have been working on this turning for a lifetime.

I am at the end of the corridor in front of a single door. I enter a darker, cooler room. As I open the door, I meet a lost dog who is traveling in the opposite direction. I let him through to the corridor I came from. I shut the door behind me. I am alone again. In the dark I think of the journey behind me and ask myself, why I had not met anyone else along the way, until the lone dog?

I approach the only other door in the room. It faces east and I open it. First I feel the air touch me. Neither cool nor warm. Perfect?

I am back beneath the sky that dropped me.

You are standing there, part of a familiar night sky. There is light to the darkness.

Seeing you standing there opens my heart and mind. Feet touch the ground for the first time since the drop.

Envelope Painting by Giorgia Madiai Fuchs

Envelope Painting by Giorgia Madiai Fuchs


Part 2: 

I walk to you and then, we walk together

Walking together I realize i can put my arms around you so i reach

This time, you respond by enveloping me

We turn and turn and turn

Opening doors

Blooming inside

You say,

Everyone is looking at the friends who are not kissing and saying,

they are the smart ones

I say,

I don’t want to kiss you

But the memory of a kiss lights our outline

We are newborn friends with matching hips

And I feel your ascending exterior as we continue to turn.

Rounding each corner becomes better than the kiss 

It becomes the kiss,

The opening of doors:

One at the cheek

One at the belly

Turning with you is working with the light

The light at our feet

Until light is our envelope

Heartboxes Sketch and Envelope Painting by Giorgia Madiai Fuchs
Giorgia is a painter from Livorno, Italy... This says nothing of her depth. She is the daughter of a painter... This evokes storytelling I am not prepared for (yet). I could speak of Giorgia's heart work and its impact on my work and my heart... I hope there will be time and space to say such things and it is surely my ambition. I will only say now that her hearts have inescapable truths to tell. Turn each one over, many times. Listen. The messages there are for you. 
Giorgia's paintings can be experienced virtually on InstagramFacebook, and Tumblr. Her studios are in Barga, Italy and wherever she sets the stage with her canvas and color. For more information about Giorgia's work and live painting exhibits, email me directly at andee@travelingnative.com