Oxygen to Embers, Revisited

Oxygen to Embers

Revisited aside the glow of a well-tended flame - original verse

With what little you offer

I restore years of wandering

Neither are you oxygen nor ember

But your hollow outline, poses my muse

From some desolate shore you keep me tethered

While I work into the night, arranging lightwood and tinder

With the sole purpose of allowing space

To host heat to become fire


I restore the chilly void of you

with the oxygen of me

It is, in fact, the fact of oxygen in me

That arouses the embers


Your withdrawal-

A perfect cleavage for combustion

The more you remove yourself

The brighter I burn

Here is the choice:

to covet the driftwood of your company

And imagine it to be all about you

Or write, like it’s all about This