Lost In The Overgrowth

After jumping off together -

We are lost in the overgrowth.

I know I am near the base,

You may be on a ledge somewhere higher up


I can hear you but

I cannot see you

I still feel your pulse

Or is that mine?


I call your name - you rebound in kind,

We may be trying to find each other.

Do you want to find me? Or only reassure me

That you are down here too?


The foliage overwhelms my vision.

When we say words that skim the surface

They thicken the vegetation

And dull the sounds of our voices


There are a few pathways leading back up and winding further down;

There are the trails we charred into the earth

With words that shot straight from the heart.

I study where the grass has been trampled but aim to make new paths


There is an opening down here somewhere

That we cleared away

In the single moment that we found each other

Enclosed together, we connected


There in that open meadow

We flattened the flora

We created a space that now amplifies the echoes of our calling

A place that there is no way to get back to


La Pania Secca da La Fortezza di Trassilico