Andee Sorenson

Founder & Director

Traveling Native is inspired by life in rural Tuscany where Andee lived and worked for many years. Her kinship with the language and the people make Traveling Native experiences transformative. She is devoted to sharing the Italian art of enjoyment with others through travel, teaching, and cooking. Her vision for Traveling Native is a smart way of travel and culinary exploration that deepens understanding and wellbeing across cultures. 


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  Redlands, CA - Photo by Michelle Smith Photography

Redlands, CA - Photo by Michelle Smith Photography

 At the cheese throwing alley, Tiro della Forma,  Piano di Coreglia

At the cheese throwing alley, Tiro della Forma, Piano di Coreglia


Renato Ferrara

Garfagnana Guru & Style Educator

Renato is a legendary part of the scenery "in Garfagnana". He is known throughout the valley for his career as a men's hair stylist, cheese throwing competitor, mushroom forager, and longstanding member of Judo Club Fornaci di Barga. His knowledge of the landscape comes from decades of trekking through the woods looking for Funghi Porcini.  The deep connection Renato has to his native Garfagnana, was Andee's invitation to finding herself at home there. This is the heart of Traveling Native. Renato is involved in the development of Styling and Barbering Tours in Italy and Style Workshops for Hair Professionals in the U.S.

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Aurelio Barattini

Culinary Director & Educator

This Tuscan cook is esteemed by his peers and cherished by his customers and students for balancing tradition and elegance in every aspect of his work. He is chef and owner of one of Italy's most celebrated restaurants and historic places, L'Antica Locanda di Sesto.  Aurelio is making a name for himself as a teacher and a consultant in the U.S. Traveling Native enjoys the fortune of his collaboration and direction on culinary tours in Italy and workshops in the U.S.

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 At the family farm near Lucca,  La Maolina

At the family farm near Lucca, La Maolina

 Andrea and Marzio, our Tuscan Drivers.  Panzano in Chianti.  Arcadia University Preview 2014.

Andrea and Marzio, our Tuscan Drivers. Panzano in Chianti. Arcadia University Preview 2014.

Andrea and Marzio Paganelli

Drivers & Cultural Guides

Tuscan Driver's is a father and son operation. Andrea and Marzio are natives of the Valle del Serchio and Garfagnana. They provide friendly private transport for Traveling Native in Italy. Andrea Paganelli organizes excursions to many destinations in Italy. He is currently earning his title as Sommelier and specializes in wine tasting excursions.

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Emanuele Pacini

Culinary Guide in Chianti Region

Emanuele is a Florentine-blooded "ristoratore" in Siena. He is owner of Pretto Prosciutteria, a thriving eatery in the heart of the medieval city that is famous for il Palio. Located just steps from Piazza del Campo, his restaurant is a mecca for the genuine flavors of The Chianti region. Emanuele is a goldmine of knowledge for travelers in Tuscany's most renowned wine region. His approach to exploring his native territory is based on a deep appreciation for the close-knit community of farmers, butchers, growers, and winemakers whose heartfelt work respects the environment, the prime provider of culinary enjoyment. 

Read more about Pretto: Food For a Better World

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Stephanie Page

Artist, Expat, Author

Stephanie is a Traveling Native in heart and mind with a lust for beauty and art. Though she has lived most of her life either on the road or abroad - first as a musician and then as an teacher living in Lucca, Italy, she emits a keen sense of home. As a writer, she gathers all of her gifts and experiences together and what we get is a holistic and transformative experience. If the physical act of travel is out of your reach, take a walk with Stephanie's words. Her writing wakes you with new views of familiar spaces. Her stories give you a place to marvel, reflect and unfold. 

You can enjoy her work on her blog, download it on amazon, and on special occasions, visit with her here on Traveling Native's Blog.

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