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Redlands, CA 92373


Traveling Native is devoted to cultivating travel and food experiences with love. We understand travel as an exchange of human, cultural, and culinary wealth.

On tour with us you will discover the Italian art of enjoyment and become part of Italy’s traditions and artistry through direct experiences with local people, food, and landscape. 

Join us and fall in love with your days in Italy and with the food on your plate!


Antica Cucina Tour - Lucca, Italy



beginning italian for travelers & food lovers

Our small group Italian language lessons are geared toward preparing travelers for Italian life but will be enjoyed by food, travel, and culture enthusiasts alike.

During a 90-minute class you will work on acquiring basic conversation skills by learning the grammar and vocabulary that you need to engage in simple conversations, order food, purchase tickets, and get more out of your travel experience.

60 minutes of the session are dedicated to introducing and practicingItalian language. The final 30 minutes of class are spent exploringItalian culture. This part of the experience is accompanied by a tasting course and a glass of wine, or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.

Classes are limited to 16 participants and will be led by Andee Sorenson, founder of Traveling Native. Andee had lived many years in Italy and has extensive experience teaching English and Italian languages in Italy and the U.S.

Redlands, CA


Classes will be held weekly at La Volata Pizzeria in Redlands on Monday evenings at 6:00.

$40 at the door or, $150 in advance for the complete course (4 classes). Reservations are required. Classes max out at 16 students.


April 4 - Antipasto of crostini, sotto aceti, e formaggi

April 11 - Zuppa alla frantoiana

April 18 - Pasta fatta in casa al pomodoro fresco

April 25 - Polenta incaciata o al ragu




Antica Cucina Tour - Lucca, Italy

  • Traveling Native Lucca Italy

Join Aurelio in the kitchen and Andee on the picturesque provincial roads to explore the ancient food culture and the unique beauty of Lucca Province. Revitalize your perspective on farm-to-table from families who have been doing it for centuries. Take away dozens of recipes and old-world methods. We'll guide you deep into the Lucchese and Tuscan culinary traditions, exploring kitchen culture and the food community in Lucca. Experience the Art of Enjoyment that is at the heart of Tuscan cooking and living. Culinary Experiences in Lucca, Barga, Garfagnana, & Chianti.